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The Playground of the Gods

The summer resort of the Gods, Mt Pelion is a unique destination for those who know how to enjoy every moment in their lives, the blending of the mountain scenery with that of the Aegean Sea is truly magnificent, and will make for an unforgettable experience!

This is the land of the Magnites, the offspring of Zeus and Pandora; here lived the Centaurs, Achilles was born here, and Jason’s famous trireme, Argo, was built here as well. However, this mountain is still quite important today, with its natural beauty and over 40 villages perched on its slopes.

You will be amazed by the unique architectural style; by the traditional manors and the cobblestone streets alternating with the splendid scenery, by the lush vegetation and the cool springs’ unsurpassed beauty, in a calm and serene environment: Mt Pelion is going to satisfy even the most demanding visitor!