The Taxi is available for tour destinations, excursions and trips to villages of mountain Pelion: Makrinitsa, Portaria,ski center Chania, Kissos,Tsagkarada



Just 12 km from the city of Volos, the beautiful Portaria, the Duchess of Pelion, is one of the top tourist destinations in the country. It is one of the most picturesque villages of Mt Pelion, with lush vegetation and many springs and streams of crystal-clear water, cobblestone streets and traditional manors. Do not forget to buy handmade sweets, local tsipouro, aromatic herbs, tea, honey and royal jelly, as well as folk art items

Do not forget to buy handmade sweets, local raki, Tea herbs, honey and royal jelly as folk art.


Only 2 km west of Portaria, in Pelion's western slope, the listed traditional settlement of Makrinitsa dominates the scenery, with its magnificent manors and beautiful churches, lots of streams and enormous plane trees, blooming gardens, and a wonderful view of the city of Volos and the Pagasitikos Gulf.


In Milies, the landscape changes dramatically: the mountain looks more rugged, and large ravines appear. In the village itself, old manors and cobblestone streets, along with crystal springs and olive groves, create a landscape of sheer tranquillity, where every little thing is harmoniously blended with one another. Wander the village and, as if by magic, you'll find yourself amidst flowering gardens, greeted by their friendly and hospitable owners when you reach the central square, you are in for a memorable experience in its traditional shops.

Do not miss a ride on the legendary Pelion Train, the Moutzouris, constructed by the Italian railway engineer Evaristo De Chirico (father of the famous surrealist painter Giorgio de Chirico).

This unique steam train runs in the summer; it departs from Milies and it goes as far as Ano Lechonia, 15 km away. It is a wonderful route, a 2-hour scenic trip, during which you are going to travel back in time, reliving the past!

Chania - Ski Resort

Chania is a mountain village (altitude 1200m), in a dense forest of beech and fir trees. It is the passage from the western to the eastern side of Mt Pelion. There are many local restaurants and taverns, where you should taste the traditional dishes.

Just 2 km away, there is the Agriolefkes Ski Resort, for all kinds of winter sports; in the summer, the mountain peak offers a much-welcome breeze and an unparalleled view, overlooking the entire Pagasitikos Gulf!


Tsagkarada is built on a green hillside offering a panoramic view of the Aegean Sea, among chestnut trees, towering plane trees and wildflowers, ravines, streams and bridges, and is framed by picturesque bays and turquoise beaches. The traditional stone manors and neoclassical villas, in the unique local architectural style, are there to complement this picture of infinite beauty. Apple trees, chestnut trees, and lush vegetation anywhere you look, fill the senses with colours and offer moments of relaxation and harmony.


This is a mountain village immersed in greenery: beech and chestnut trees mingle in dense forests, whereas ivy is everywhere around you

Kissos is perched on a slope of the mountain that descends to the Aegean Sea, the impenetrable forest overflowing with images of beauty, the cobblestone streets, the manors and the churches they all make up an unforgettable image. The beauty of the scenery and the view of the endless Aegean below are quite fascinating.

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